Skyview Ranch Update

Skyview Ranch Location Update


The Skyview Ranch location of Bow Valley Christian Church (BVCC) was planted in the community of Skyview Ranch and in the Genesis Centre in the community of Falconridge in north east Calgary in 2013. We praise God for five years of ministry, discipleship, evangelism, and leadership development that happened during those five years. Many people in the north east were served and challenged to follow Jesus. In September of 2017 the elders of BVCC worked with the Skyview Ranch location (as well as our Mahogany location) to assess the long-term viability of the ministry based on a previously set time-frame and benchmarks.


A prayer-filled process began. The attenders and leaders along with the Community Pastor were invited to tell us the stories of Gospel impact in the locations. They also assessed how well the community was doing and what they believed the future would look like for their location. A selection of elders met with members of the communities to discuss these questions. Process was important and the first posture was one of listening. We listened to responses from the location pastor and the community of faith. We drew out specific details, coached, discussed options, listened some more, and came to conclusions. It was not an easy process but it was one that celebrated the good that had been accomplished in the Skyview Ranch Church.


On May 2, 2018, Bob Dunn was thanked for his service as a pastor at the location and was dismissed without cause and given severance pay. The Leadership Team of Skyview Ranch, two elders from BVCC Varsity, and two pastors met together Friday, May 26 for an extended conversation regarding the future of the Skyview Ranch location. Specific options were discussed. The Leadership Team and the entire congregation was desirous of continuing the mission of Helping People Find and Follow Jesus. The attenders and leaders met as a congregation on the following Sunday to talk about next steps and specific options were presented. At that meeting, there was a significant disagreement about the way forward which led to the size of the group dwindling over the next few weeks. In August it was determined that there was insufficient critical mass of people to make the location viable and the location was closed.


Please continue to pray for those who played a significant part in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in north east Calgary. Please pray for all the former attendees of Skyview Ranch Church to find a suitable church fellowship where they can worship, find healing, serve, and grow in their faith.




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