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Bow Valley Christian Church is a non-denominational, independent Christian church whose history is rooted in the Restoration Movement. (Additional information on the Restoration Movement is available at the Information Kiosk). We began as a congregation back in 1928 in the Tuxedo Park area of Calgary.

Tuxedo Park Church of Christ

A woman by the name of Agnes Nelson hosted a small Sunday school group of girls in her home. Many of these children didn’t get a lot of attention at home but Agnes not only gave them attention, she taught them about Jesus and nurtured their friendships with each other. At about the same time some of Calgary’s civic leaders asked Dr. Richard Westaway, a veteran church-planter, to address some of the social problems in Tuxedo Park by starting a church in the area, and before long Dr. Westaway and Agnes Nelson joined their efforts and the Tuxedo Park Church of Christ was born. Those were tough times economically and the church was an oasis of care and love in that community. People reached out to help others and in the process they invited their friends and neighbors to church and introduced them to Christ and the little congregation grew in numbers and influence.

Old Building: Cambrian Heights Church of Christ, c. 1990
Old Building: Cambrian Heights Church of Christ, c. 1990

Cambrian Heights Church of Christ

By 1962, Tuxedo Park Church of Christ had outgrown their facilities and as a result of another outreach effort, the congregation decided to relocate to the newly developed Cambrian Heights community. There they built a new worship facility and a home for the pastor and became the Cambrian Heights Church of Christ. In 1973 Allan Dunbar began his ministry with the congregation and shortly thereafter, the “To You With Love” television ministry came into being. For twenty years the church and it’s “to you with love” message under the charismatic leadership of Allan had an influence all across the country.

Bow Valley Christian Church

In 1992, Cambrian Heights Church of Christ became Bow Valley Christian Church as the congregation sought a new location for it’s increasing numbers and widening ministry and realized that they would likely be leaving the Cambrian Heights community in that quest. After a year and a half in rented facilities, the opportunity to purchase this present facility became a reality and Bow Valley Christian Church found themselves located on the Bow Valley Trail also known as Crowchild Trail.

Bow Valley Christian Church
Current Building

It was in July of 1995 that Rick Scruggs, who had served as Associate for the previous 20 years, became the Senior Pastor. Under his leadership, Bow Valley has had a goal of planting new churches and we rejoice in having had a hand in three new church plants! We’re also excited about the opportunity God has provided to reach out to some of Calgary’s immigrant community, particularly the Mandarin Chinese people. We’re appreciative of our history and the faithful leading of God over the past years, but we’re looking forward with enthusiasm for what He has planned for our future. We’re hoping that you might be a part of it as we attempt to allow God to empower us in our vision of transforming our world, one life at a time.   For a more detailed history, ask at the information kiosk for a copy of Roots & Reflections or download the pdf version here.