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Announcement of Proposed Elders

Joe Murphy, chair of the Bow Valley Christian Church elders, made the following announcement on Sunday, May 24.

Today we announce our four candidates for eldership at BVCC. The process is either members of BVCC approach us with their desire to be an elder OR the elders approach members who they feel demonstrate the qualifications and attributes for eldership. The candidate completes a questionnaire that the elders review. An interview with the candidate is then held. If both parties are positive following this investigative process the candidate is then recommended as an Elder to the congregation on a Sunday morning, which is what we are doing today. If anyone wishes to declare any reason any of the four candidates should not be an elder they need to declare this signed and in writing to the Elders of the church. Barring any issues the elders discern that would not allow any of the candidates from being an elder, on Sunday June 11th we will officially announce the appointment of the new elders.  We will be arranging for an ordination service(s) as soon as practicable which could be June 11th or sometime soon thereafter.

I am pleased to announce the following four candidates for eldership.

Sandra Osborne – Sandra Osborne has been a member of this congregation since the early 1980s and has served in a number of capacities and perhaps most recently, in 2015 she was involved in re-establishing a women’s ministry at BVCC. She is a long-time employee of Alberta Bible College and has served at that institution in a number of capacities as well. She is a mentor and friend to many people, both young and old. Sandra is married to Ron and they have two adult children and 5 grandchildren.

Stan Helton – Stan Helton has attended Bow Valley for the past two years and has contributed by leading seminars on eldership and leadership here at BVCC. He is presently the President of Alberta Bible College where he has shown great leadership in re-establishing ABC as an important training institution for churches across Western Canada. He is married to Pat and they have one adult daughter, Rachel who married to Cody Hart.

Dave Rehn – Dave Rehn has been a member of Bow Valley Christian Church for the past three years and prior to that was a leader and elder at Oak Park Church of Christ. He is a leader in BVCC’s Ministry to Men. Dave, is a member of a small group with several other young families. Dave is married to Wendy and they have two kids, Cai and Eden.

Brad Anderson – Brad Anderson grew up in this church and has served in many capacities. Most recently, Brad was our Pastor of Family Ministries and Youth. He presently leads an industrial silencing and acoustics company based in Airdrie. Brad is married to Keri and they have three teenage kids, Emma, Delaney, and Rhys.