Assessment Process for Mahogany and Skyview Ranch Locations

Over the last 6 months, the elders, location members, and location Community Pastors have been engaged in a prayerful process of assessing the effectiveness of each of our new locations. The steps listed below are an explanation of that process.

Following four months of internship at the Varsity location, Bob Dunn and Evan Spencer became leaders of their respective locations on January 1, 2014. By December of 2014 both leaders had established communities of faith in Skyview Ranch and Mahogany. By 2015, the elders had communicated some basic parameters that would be used to evaluate each community after three years of public meeting.

These were described as “Markers for Locations of Bow Valley Christian Church 2015-03-21.”

Before a location hires a second staff person we would expect to see a regular attendance of 50 people or more and see an annual income of around $50,000 at that site.

BVCC will consider starting a new location when each present location has achieved the above goal.

BVCC will consider shutting down a location if it has not achieved more than 50 people in three years.

In July of 2017 we had a sense that the Community Pastor of each location would like to get on with an assessment of their location.

We know that there are several leadership team members and several attenders at each location. These attenders and leaders along with the Community Pastor need to be invited to tell us the stories of Gospel impact in the locations. They also need to be asked to assess how well the community is doing and what they believe the future will look like for their location. Are there options in the manner in which each location might be re-structured going forward? What would it look like if the Varsity location no longer paid the full salary of their location pastor?

A selection of elders need to meet with members of the communities to discuss these questions. Process will be important. The first posture is one of listening. We would listen for any differences of response from location pastor and community of faith.

After we have heard from each community the elders will need to report the responses back to the rest of the elders and leadership team. The elders and leadership team will want to discuss options. If the communities within the locations come up with viable ways forward, we could discuss these and their relative merits.

The next step is going back to the communities to see what is the collective wisdom of elders, leaders, and location members and coming up with the best plan to move forward.


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