Cambrian Manor

In 1985 Cambrian Manor opened in the community of North Haven. At that time, Bow Valley Christian Church (BVCC) met in a building in the nearby community of Cambrian Heights and was called Cambrian Heights Church of Christ (CHCC). Cambrian Manor was built out of the desire of CHCC to partner with the provincial government to serve seniors in the neighbourhood. Once it was built, a team of people from CHCC became the board of Cambrian Manor and managed the building while creating community, social interaction, Bible studies, and caring ministry. Thirty-four years later, this board is still serving the Manor, even though the management of the building was taken over by a private for-profit company in 2015. The board, made up of Bow Valley Christian Church attenders, has continued to provide a Bible study (first started by Edna Hunt in 1985 and continually existing to this day), social interactions, and loving care.

As of June 30th, the board will officially disband. The board has aged (or in some cases, passed away), younger members have not been found, and the tenants of the building have been less interested in participating in the events and services rendered by the board. The board believes that it is time to recognize the end of the lifespan of this board. Gloria Baker will continue to lead a Bible Study as long as there is interest at the residence. She carries on in the fine tradition established by Edna Hunt, Dick Scruggs, and Harold Murray. Please take some time to thank the current board members and others you may know who have been part of this team over the years. The current board members are Gloria Baker, Rob Baker, Gail Myers, Jim Edwards, Anne Lidgren, and Rosie Schneider.

Perhaps this is an appropriate time for all of us at BVCC to consider a local place of service to our seniors or others in the community with special needs. There are many in our communities who would appreciate a Bible study, a weekly or monthly sing-a-long or chapel service, or some other such act of service. What might we do to make life better for others? Let us be inspired by all of the present and former board members of Cambrian Manor.


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