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Announcement of Proposed Elders

Joe Murphy, chair of the Bow Valley Christian Church elders, made the following announcement on Sunday, May 24. Today we announce our four candidates for eldership at BVCC. The process is either members of BVCC approach us with their desire to be an elder OR the elders approach members who they feel demonstrate the qualifications […]

Women as Elders: The Story of One More Church

Grace Chapel is a non-denominational church of 4000 people in Massachusetts with campuses in Lexington, Wilmington, Watertown, East Lexington, and Foxboro. In 2014, they worked through their position on women as elders just as Bow Valley Christian Church has been working through our position on this important issue. Their Senior Pastor, Bryan Wilkerson, preached a […]

Oak Hills Church – One Stance on Women as Elders

One church in Texas has been wrestling for many years with the question of whether or not women should be elders. Oak Hills Church, San Antonio, is a church from the a cappella Church of Christ tradition where Max Lucado is one of the Preachers. In 2011, they published a document that represented years of […]

Who Are You?

Do you ever have the feeling that it may be uncomfortable to reveal that you are a Christian? I confess that I have found myself in this position on a few occasions. For pastors like me, this can take the unique form of someone asking me what kind of work I do. When I say […]

The Mentored Life

I have been fortunate to have many great mentors, coaches, disciple-makers, and spiritual friends in my life. I dare-say it would not have been possible to live my life without these people. A full education in life requires more than just information, it requires transformation. This is where a good friend and mentor comes into […]

Hansel and Gretel

As I walked to the repair shop to pick up my car, I noticed a roadside sign for the local community theatre group. They were performing Hansel and Gretel. I thought about this story and silently wondered why a group would choose this play to perform in Calgary at this time of year. As a […]

Acts of Mercy

If every one of us, every day, does a work of mercy, there will be a revolution in the world! (Pope Francis on Twitter 2016-11-15) The traditional seven acts of mercy include: feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, freeing the imprisoned, burying the dead, sheltering the stranger, comforting the sick, and clothing the […]

Warriors of Ephraim (Psalm 78)

In Genesis, we read that Ephraim was the son of Joseph who was the son of Jacob. The descendants of Ephraim were considered one of the tribes of Israel and came to be associated with the northern tribes such that the tribe name, Ephraim, often stood in for the whole of the northern tribes after […]

The Mystery of Jesus

Regarding the Gospel of John in the New Testament of the Bible, Bruce Milne had this to say. “The mystery of Jesus Christ is the theme of this gospel; always beyond us, yet always summoning us to explore it more fully. . . . the Godhead will be our endless, though blissful task in the […]

A Tale of Florin

Sometimes when I read passages of the Bible that I have read many times, they lose their horror for me. I am not shocked by them anymore. I suspect that this is true for many of us. That is the way I feel about 2 Samuel 11. It has lost its power to shake up […]