Ministry to Men

BVCC Men is a ministry that follows the Promise Keepers Canada Blueprint framework for the discipleship of every man in our church. The framework goes beyond random events and small groups and intentionally focuses on shaping men to be like Jesus. The three key elements for BVCC Men are:

  1. Capture (IGNITE) a Man’s Heart
  2. Renew (EQUIP) a Man’s Mind
  3. Engage (IMPACT) a Man’s Hands

Thus, each event or activity incorporates one (or more) of the three key elements listed above. For all events and activities, men are encouraged to bring a friend and to ‘leave no man alone’ on his walk with God. Registrations for events can be found below. Many activities include the opportunity for children and youth to participate with their dad / grandpa / uncle / neighbor / friend. We hope to see you soon!

BVCC Men team members include: Chris Fong, Chris Kobe, Keir Murray, Jim Quillian, Dave Rehn, and Greg Williams.

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