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Small Group Ministry

All of us are called to be Christ followers, and it takes character. Depth of character is a matter of becoming more like Christ and less like the world. We are a community of small groups that together will exalt God and His Kingdom on this earth, in this age. We invite you to get involved in a small group as a group member, host or leader.

Small groups are such an integral part of the family here at Bow Valley. They only happen because people step up to be leaders or provide hosting for our groups. We are constantly encouraging people to commit to these roles so that we can add more groups and provide room for all those wanting a small group. Training is provided and we will resource you for this ministry. Contact Karen Zimmerman for any questions or information you would like.

Core Values

Community — where love and respect, acceptance and fellowship are experienced.

Spiritual Growth — through the study of God’s Word, building our relationship with God, developing our spiritual gifts and discipling one another.

Prayer — for developing a closer relationship with God both personally and as a community.

Service — by emulating Jesus, we love, help and care for others.

Outreach — opportunities to have spiritual conversations with those who are not Christians.

Small Group’s Purpose

Small groups not only provide care and outreach, but also become places where new people can quickly get acquainted, find acceptance and love, and a place of belonging. They are also ideal networks for passing along vision for the entire congregation. Prayer is a chief component to small groups, along with studying God’s Word and putting it into practice in our daily lives.