Development Team Update for February

Previously we introduced you to our Development Team members ( who are assisting our elders in assessing how best to use our building and our land as tools to sustain our mission here in this corner of Calgary. We have added two more members to the team and so we will introduce them again as Gerry Erickson, Joe Murphy, Bruce Mills, Rob Kitchen, Brad Anderson, Buz Burnside, Brent Williams, and Keith Shields. The Development Team continues to explore possibilities and are working with Trinity Centres Foundation ( to help us consider how we might best use this land and building as a tool for the mission of the church. Trinity Centres Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation with a stellar team of people who are working to see churches maximize ministry in the current Canadian context. At this time, there is no cost for the services that Trinity Centres Foundation is supplying. We will keep you up to date on what our development team is finding as they continue to explore options. If you have any questions please contact Keith Shields or any member of the team.


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