Development Team Update

Our Development Team continues to explore possible development scenarios at 5300 53rd Avenue, NW. On April 10th, representatives from Trinity Centres Foundation and Bow Valley Christian Church met with elected officials and staff from the City of Calgary to explore options for the development of our land in the community of Varsity. David Bentall (TCF), Rob Kitchen (BVCC), and Keith Shields (BVCC) met with Ward Sutherland (city councillor), Ralph Smith (chief of staff), Steve Jones (planning), and Cole Piechotta (transportion).

The three of us representing BVCC’s interests were very encouraged by the reception we received from those representing the interests of the city. There is a well-structured process for development in such areas and by working with the contacts we have made, we should be able to get the kind of development and church building we desire. The complete Development Team along with David Bentall (via video) met on April 23 to discuss the findings and think about next steps. The conversation was good and any questions were answered. The team would like to emphasize to all of BVCC that we are still in the early stages of this exploration and are only taking baby-steps forward at this point. Please direct your questions to a member of the Development Team.


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