El Salvador Missions Highlight from Heather Parker

This past September I had the opportunity to go on an exposure trip with Compassion Canada to El Salvador.  Before going I didn’t realize how large the impact of sponsoring a child or supporting a Child Survival Program was.  I knew they would be taught about Jesus, have food, and have some sort of education and health care.  But it is way more than that.  They become part of a community of people who truly love them and want them to have a better life.   

Sponsored children learn trades such as sewing, baking, wood working, raising chickens, and others that provide them with skills for future job opportunities.  They can receive tutoring in many subject areas.  They learn to have hope.  Many of the older students spoke of wanting to return to the center after receiving post-secondary education to serve and mentor children in the way they had been blessed.  Mothers who learn skills in the Child Survival Program are able to pass on life saving skills to other mothers in the community.  There is even a miracle taking place where gang members, who rule almost everything in El Salvador, leave sponsored children alone. 

These children and mothers are not just taught about Jesus. They witness Jesus’ love being poured out to them in the lives of the people who work and volunteer at the centers.   Communities of faith are growing and spreading Jesus’ message of hope and love far beyond those who are directly sponsored.


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