Mahogany Church and the Path Forward

It is crazy to think that I am coming up on five years of being a pastor with Bow Valley Christian Church (December). It has been an incredible experience while not entirely one I would have expected. When Anna and I made the transition from youth ministry to explore starting a site with BVCC we very much felt led into it by the Holy Spirit. At that point we were looking at a whole host of options but starting a new church wasn’t really on the radar. As I retrace the steps in my mind, even now it is faith building. Memories of the Holy Spirit calling specific people to this adventure and watching the shared dreams of those people turn into a plan, a move to another quadrant of the City, and a shared mission field was, and continues to be, one of the greatest honours of my life. All of this made possible by the generosity, support, and trust of BVCC.


Bow Valley Christian Church is the spiritual heritage of my wife and many of those currently tending the soil that is Mahogany Church. This church is a beautiful expression and manifestation of the love and holiness of God and a direct extension of the ministry of BVCC. I am writing this while sitting in my parish of Mahogany having just run into a neighbour and listen to him share his heart. He is currently walking through a painful divorce and Jesus knew that he needed to run into one of us today. It just so happens that his estranged wife is connected into our church through the community gardening that we are doing. Intersections of our daily lives meeting the great needs of the world around us. These stories are literally too many to count. I was able to share with this neighbour about how Anna and I have watched God slowly mend the most desperate of relational situations—Holy Spirit fall!

As many of you already know we are currently in a two-year process of becoming an independent church and will no longer be a site of BVCC. This decision was arrived at after an extensive conversation here in Mahogany and with the Elders of BVCC. We chose this path. Why? Well that is a complicated question to answer. So much has happened across BVCC and it’s sites in the last three years that have influenced this decision but at the crux is the necessity and health that comes with change. We have discerned that our path needs to continue to focus on our place (Mahogany) and the slow journey of faithful presence here. We now believe that we will be better equipped/positioned to do that as an independent parish church than by continuing as a site of BVCC. These decisions are always tough. We value BVCC and long to stay connected as a sister church serving our City. We will be forever grateful for the investment you made that is Mahogany Church and want to honour your investment by redoubling our efforts to remain faithful to the call Jesus placed on us.

As we look at a future without formal connection to BVCC there is absolutely a sense of loss and mourning on our side as well as some questions “did we choose correctly?” “are we still discerning clearly?”. I feel that we have.

Evan Spencer


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