Ministry Highlight — English Language Ministries

by Ron Osborne and MaryAnn Wiebe

English Language Ministries is a ministry that reaches out to new Canadians to help them develop their language skills and adjust to life in Canada in an environment that models Christ’s love. We meet on Monday and Tuesday evenings. 24 people volunteered their time this past year – acting as conversation partners, preparing snacks, setting up the space, and building relationships with learners.

Our learners come from all over the world, various walks of life, ranging in age from 17 to 70, and various faith backgrounds (Christian, Muslim, no stated faith). This past year we had over 40 learners attend with weekly attendance fluctuating widely, but averaging about 16.

We regularly hear of how this ministry has had a positive impact on people’s lives. Two young gals from Brazil found the courage and support needed to pursue immigration and find affordable housing. One young woman from China found friendship when she was feeling very alone in Canada. One middle aged man from China has come to know Christ. Learners “graduate” and leave us, because they are able to gain enrollment into a school. Many opportunities to share the message of Christ present themselves as learners ask questions and are open to hearing why we do this ministry for them. We distributed 30 bibles to people asking questions about the gospel and wanting to learn more. All are grateful for the opportunity to practice and improve their English in a friendly and welcoming environment.


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