Ministry Highlight – Thursday Morning Men’s Group

By Harvey Gamble

The Thursday morning men’s group continues. We have around twelve men that we keep in contact with, but the attendance varies. Several men that have moved away still come to meet with us when they are back in Calgary.

Because of the time that we meet, work has taken some from our group. An interesting story from last year. We had two new men join our group. They were both out of work and quite anxious about that. We made it a matter of prayer and encouragement. God provided jobs for both men and we rejoiced with them. However, with their new work schedules, they can’t make it to the early morning group any longer. Of course, we still connect on Sunday morning.

In 2018, we spent the whole year studying the Sermon on the Mount from a book by Oswald Chambers. We are now doing Henry Blackaby’s book, Experiencing God.