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An Intro to Vision Ministry Canada

Vision Ministries Canada is a Christian mission agency with a desire to see more and more people become faithful followers of Jesus. Vision Ministries Canada is also the network of churches that has formed around this organization over the last twenty-seven years.  Bow Valley Christian Church has been a member of this network since 2010. Spanning coast to coast and numbering more than 200 strong, these congregations partner with VMC and each other to plant new churches, strengthen existing ones and support those who lead them.  This is our family.

So, we pray for Vision Ministries Canada, for the churches, pastors and other leaders that partner with them in the pursuit of more and better churches.

A Prayer for Vision Ministries Canada on Pentecost Sunday

The Spirit came and your Church was born,

in wind and fire and words of power.

The Spirit came blowing fear aside

and in its place weak hearts were stronger.

The Spirit came as your word foretold,

with dreams, signs and wonders.

The Spirit came and is here today,

to feed the hearts of a world that hungers.

O God, we give thanks for the gift of your Holy Spirit

and as your Church, we acknowledge our dependence

for discernment, power and deliverance from evil.

Today we are asking for a fresh anointing,

for a renewed blowing of your Spirit in our midst

that we might be fully faithful to our redemptive calling.

We pray for Vision Ministries Canada, for the team that serves our network.

We pray for the churches connected, for their pastors and others who lead with them.

Together make us a potent instrument and irresistible preview of your kingdom

Stir our imaginations, grant courage and go with us wherever you send us.

For the sake of the world and for your honour and glory.



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