Ordination of a New Elder

Linda Anderson has attended Bow Valley Christian Church for 20 years. For ten of those years she served in a volunteer position and then in a staff position leading our Stepping Stones Ministry to serve families grieving loss, then as a full-time staff member of the Children’s Ministry. She has been married to her husband Jim for 42 years and they have two children, Carissa and Pierce; 36 years and 28 year old respectively. They have one grand-daughter, Wilona, from their daughter Carissa and son-in-law, Vern. Pierce is engaged to be married later this year. Linda’s recent involvement at Bow Valley includes one-on-one mentoring of women and she served as a member of our search team for the hiring of a new lead pastor. We anticipate ordaining Linda as an elder at BVCC on May 27. Members of the congregation can send letters of affirmation or concern to any of the elders or staff.



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