Our Building as a Tool for Mission

Last Sunday at Bow Valley, we focused on celebration and anticipation. We looked back on the stories of 2018 and ahead to plans for 2019. Pastor Steve McMillan spoke on the mission that we believe orients everything we do. We put it this way: “We are called to help people find and follow Jesus.” We also help people take their next step with Jesus. We help people take next steps by helping them Grow with Jesus, Belong in Jesus’ Family, Invest in Jesus’ Kingdom, and Shine Jesus’ Presence. Everything we do must pass through the lens of this mission and these steps.

Pastor Steve also made us aware of some explorations that are taking place with regard to our building. Our building is one of the important tools that allows us to achieve our mission. This particular building was built in 1978 and we have owned it since 1993. It is a good building but it shows signs of aging and like the homes in which we live, it requires maintenance and renovations. So that we might be good stewards of this facility and plan for the future, our elders have commissioned Reliance Consulting to do a Reserve Fund Study of our building. This will make predictions of what we will need to keep on hand for future repairs and regular maintenance. We anticipate the results of this study to be available within the next six weeks.

We are also aware that we sit on a valuable piece of land and that our land could be leveraged to help us finance what we need to maintain a useful building and sustain our mission here in this corner of Calgary. To that end, the elders have approved a Development Team to look into the best options for this land and our building. The Development Team consists of Gerry Erickson, Joe Murphy, Bruce Mills, Rob Kitchen, Brad Anderson, Buz Burnside, Brent Williams, and Keith Shields. They are presently in an exploratory mode and have engaged Trinity Centres Foundation, a Christian, not-for-profit, foundation that is helping us think about the possibilities for this land. While the foundation’s exploration is done at no cost to BVCC, should we decide to not move forward with their recommendations for development, BVCC would be responsible for 50% of the foundation’s expense to that time. Their hope is that they will recoup their costs if we do move forward with their recommendations.

We will keep you up to date on what they are finding as they continue to explore options. If you have any questions please contact Steve McMillan, Keith Shields, or any member of the team. The development team is also searching for one or two women that would be interested in joining this team. Let us know if you can suggest anyone.


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