PULSE — A Spiritual Rhythm

“I want to grow in my faith but I don’t know where to start?” This is a common question I am asked as a pastor. There are a lot of options out there and this can be overwhelming for people. One way to get started is developing a spiritual rhythm.


Rhythm is a pattern of spiritual habits that shape us as disciples. This is based on the acronym, PULSE

Pray—set aside 10 minutes a day to talk with our Father. Ask the questions, “How have I worked with you today and how have I resisted you today?” In the morning ask the question, “Who can I blessing today?”

Unite—twice a week meet with other believers to worship, and to be accountable in our spiritual life.

Learn—an intentional learning plan that includes regular Scripture and some other means for growing our knowledge and relationship with God.

Serve—our family, our neighbours, our church once a week. (How can I be a blessing to…”)

Eat—with family, with our church family, with neighbours/co-workers once a week. During the course of the meal, engage in meaningful conversation, like spiritual things.