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Recently, as part of the sermon that focussed on “Stewardship of Time and Gifts,” Keith suggested that we might celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada by serving our households, our church, and our neighbourhood. He suggested that individuals might want to dedicate 150 minutes or 150 hours to serving in their community or that they might want to do 150 acts of service throughout the year. This week at our staff meeting, we brainstormed about how we might do this as a congregation and decided that we could work at this together. What if we came up with 150 ways to serve our community and then went out and served?

The staff came up with a short list of things we could do to serve others, but we would now like to turn it over to you to come up with some ideas as well. Here are the ideas from our staff:

  1. invite a neighbour that you don’t know well over for a meal
  2. send a card to someone who is in a senior residence
  3. visit someone who can’t leave their residence and attend church
  4. clean up trash in the flower beds of your local school
  5. pick up litter along a river bank
  6. donate some of your stuff to a single-parent family

Now, what else can you come up with? Let’s gather ideas for January and February and see if we can come up with 150 items to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada. Email your ideas to, text them at 403-702-6474 or drop them off in the mail-slot in the kiosk. Then, we will use the rest of the year to see how many of the 150 everyone can accomplish.

We will create spaces (in our building and on our website) where you will be able to celebrate the stories of how you were able to serve in the community. Let’s show our world that we want to bless others just as Jesus has blessed us. Let’s bring glory to God by blessing others with at least 150 acts of service in this calendar year.