Communion Prep Team


Jesus admonished his people to celebrate the Lord’s Supper (aka Communion) every time they met. Each Sunday we prepare communion so that the church can participate in this power and ancient practice.


  • 2 successive Sundays 4 times/year or
  • 1 Calendar Month 2 times/year
  • For each Sunday 1 hour before the service and 1 hour after.
  • Training is usually done after the


  • Arrive approximately by 9:00 am.
  • Fill cups with juice.
  • Distribute trays of crackers, and juice.
  • Leave work area clean.

After Church:

  • Containers are returned to the kitchen by the servers. If there are some missing, we retrieve them.
  • Throw out all left over juice and crackers.
  • Break crackers and refill trays for the next Sunday. (We must wear gloves — provided.)
  • Clean juice trays and refill with empty cups.
  • Put away and clean up work area.
  • If supplies are low either inform the Team Leader.