The Prayer Mark Needs You

Our wonderful Gloria Baker will be retiring from the Prayer Mark ministry this June. For 20 years she has contacted people and sent out prayer requests to our church. So many of you have been blessed, healed and received support through this ministry. It is a great ministry to continue but we need someone like you to step into this role. Gloria is willing to provide training and support.

This is what the Prayer Mark Ministry looks like:

  • Collect and compile a list of prayer requests that have been received from the church office or heard about from people by phone, email, text or in-person, ensuring that a connection has been made with someone who can confirm and give permission for that request to be put on the Prayer Mark.
  • Write up the PrayerMark and send it to the church office for editing and distribution to those signed up to pray.
  • Continue to follow up each week on those requests to see if they would like us to continue to pray.
  • Regularly pray for the BVCC staff, elders and ministries.
  • The Prayer Mark has four sections: PTL, Prayer Requests, World Events and Missions and one Prayer Scripture to complete it.
  • Approximately 3–4 hours per week.

If you are interested, please email Pastor Cal at [email protected]